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Underworld/Underworld 2 - Evolution [DVD]

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After a fierce battle at Thunderhead Peaks left Kralkatorrik severely wounded, Aurene and the Pact Commander managed to chase down the Elder Dragon and force him out of the Mists in 1332 AE, along with a section of the Underworld that fell through Aurene's portal into Tyria. The shattered sections of the Underworld, Fissure of Woe and Melandru's Lost Domain partially buried Kralkatorrik and formed the island of Dragonfall in the Unending Ocean. According to some spirits' beliefs, a recently deceased human soul would end up in the Hall of Judgment where Grenth or one his lieutenants examines the soul and chooses its destination. During Dhuum's attempted invasion in 1072 AE, however, several lost souls entered the Underworld via the Labyrinth instead, [28] and some of these souls were escorted to the Forgotten Vale where they would be safe from ravenous demonic creatures. [40]

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Speaker of the Dead : I'm interested in knowing more about the ritual. Priestess Rhie: We will open portals into the land of the dead, and ask Grenth to send Alastia Crow's spirit to us. : Josir said it might be dangerous. How so? Priestess Rhie: Open portals are like beacons of light in the Mists. Other entities may try to escape the lands of death—and we must prevent that. [...] Priestess Rhie: Grenth, Prince of Winter, hear your servant's plea! Priestess Rhie: Open the gates to the Mists! The living call upon the dead—in Grenth's name! Priestess Rhie: Alastia Crow, seer of Wiley's Scavengers, pirate and oracle, I call your spirit to commune. Appear! Appear and speak!Scholar Glenna : This place is unnerving. Scholar Glenna: It's technically part of the Mists. The snow, the river...even the geography itself. How do trees grow with no sun? Scholar Glenna: It's not my area of expertise, but it seems things here aren't beholden to the physical laws above ground.

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Upon his victory, Grenth took Dhuum's divinity and ascended to become the new God of Death. To reward his mortal companions for their assistance, he elevated them as the Seven Reapers, his immortal avatars, to govern the regions of the Underworld—the Bone Pits, Chaos Planes, Forgotten Vale, Ice Wastes, the Labyrinth, Spawning Pools, and Twin Serpent Mountains—in his name. [12] Under Grenth's guidance, resurrections were allowed, and human spirits were judged and moved on to their final resting place within the Underworld or in the other god realms such as the Fissure of Woe and Melandru's Lost Domain. [10] At some point Grenth appointed the Judge to watch over the Domain of the Lost, where spirits that had experienced a sudden and traumatic death ended into, and guide these spirits to find their name and purpose before sending them to their appointed afterlives. [13] Grenth also created Soul Binders to keep judged souls from escaping the Underworld. [14] [15] Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, Hall of Chains, and Living World Season 4. Scholar Glenna : Ever think you'd be in a place like this? Scholar Glenna: Of course not. We're mortals. In the Underworld. Some of us aren't even human. Scholar Glenna: Who'd have guessed the trail of bodies and skeletons would lead to the Realm of the Dead itself?

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a b c The Departing Nenah: You have no authority here. Only the judge does. He was appointed by Grenth, a true god. [...] Lost Spirit: Who is the judge? Nenah: He is a loyal servant of Grenth, charged with sending all the spirits who come through here to their appointed place. [...] Lost Spirit: I'm not sure why I'm here, or even who I am. The Judge: That's because most spirits find their own way to their fate when they die. The Judge: But those whose deaths are too traumatic often forget who they were or how they perished. [...] The Judge: You will reach your rightful place in time. First, you must recover your name to know who you were and how you lived. The Judge: Then you must learn your purpose, to understand the choices you made and why you lived as you did. The Judge: Once you know your name and your purpose, only then can I determine your final destination. [...] Lost Spirit: "Nenah"... So you discovered your name? How do I reclaim mine? Nenah: I learned my name from the spirit of my old mentor. But only after besting him at a challenge of riddles. Nenah: I discovered my purpose hidden in an old diary I had written as a child. I was a teacher. Lost Spirit: Is it that simple? Nenah: It's different for everyone. The judge said you must fight to recover your name, so you clearly weren't a teacher. Nenah: A soldier, perhaps?

Underworld - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Underworld - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

With the departure of the Six Gods, the gods' realms including the Underworld fell to chaos as demonic entities from the Mists made their way into places such as the Domain of the Lost. In addition to this, Balthazar and Palawa Joko had begun plundering souls from the Underworld in 1330 AE to increase the numbers of the Forged army, adding to the chaos that Grenth's servants struggled to contain. [4] [22] In a bit of irony, the Mad Realm had seen little change beyond rivalry between Mad King Thorn and his son, the Bloody Prince Thorn. a b The Four Horsemen Reaper of the Chaos Planes: Before the time of Grenth, when death was ruled by a cruel and unjust god, there stood a tower and a throne on this very plain. But Grenth rose up and destroyed the one called Dhuum and shattered down his tower, leaving only these storms of chaos as a reminder of the power once held dominion here. Cathedral of Silence Priestess Rhie: The Seven Reapers were mortal heroes who fought beside Grenth when he defeated Dhuum. He rewarded them by elevating them to become his immortal avatars. : Anything else about them? Priestess Rhie: They govern the various regions of the Underworld—the Labyrinth, Bone Pits, Chaos Planes, and so forth.a b Cathedral of Silence Priestess Rhie: Dhuum was a cruel and unjust god who ruled the Underworld. He refused to allow resurrections. In time Grenth overthrew Dhuum and imprisoned him in the Hall of Judgement. : So, Grenth was born a mortal, then? Not originally a god? : Grenth is Dwayna's son, but only half-god. His father was a mortal sculptor, but that is one of the greatest secrets of our church. A map of the Underworld made in 1072 AE depicted a large chunk of the Underworld divided into regions. In this map the Hall of Judgment was located in the northwest while the Ice Wastes was in the northeast. Forgotten Vale lay in the west, and the Labyrinth was located in the center near the Twin Serpent Mountains. To the east lay the Bone Pits, the Spawning Pools stood in the southwest, while the Chaos Planes were located in the southeast. The Domain of the Lost was not visible on this map; its exact location within the Underworld is unknown.

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