Soul Spark
Exploring Spirituality

These are the web pages of Revd Nick Helm.

Nick has been Continuing Ministerial Development Officer in the Diocese of Hereford since August 2010.

He has a continuing interest in Spirituality and Spiritual Direction.

He was the Bishop of Sheffield’s Advisor in Spirituality and Chaplain to Whirlow Grange between 1999 and September 2009. 

He has published two Grove Booklets. ‘Soul Spark: A short course exploring prayer and spiritual growth’ and ‘Finding Support in Ministry’ with Philip Allin. 

These pages include information on

  1. Spiritual Direction and finding a Spiritual Accompanier

  1.    The course ‘Soul Spark’

  1. Further Information and Resources on prayer and spirituality (currently incomplete)

  1. Link to the Soul Spark Course resources