Soul Spark

A short course exploring Prayer and Spiritual Growth

Soul Spark is a short course exploring Spirituality and spiritual growth through prayer, reflection and sharing.
This is a series of six evenings suitable for anyone wishing to explore Christian Spirituality.
The course seeks to enable this exploration and personal journeying in faith by giving time to the three key elements.
Prayer : giving time to pray and reflect on our faith journey through a range of approaches
Reflection : This has two dimensions. The personal reflection in relation to what has happened and is happening in my life and faith, in my prayer and relationship with God. Secondly the corporate reflection on how the Christian spiritual tradition can inform and help our understanding of the personal experience
Sharing : faith sharing in the sense of sharing with another person something of our experiences of prayer and reflection, helps us to articulate our lived faith and so deepen our awareness of God in our lives. Done in a “safe place” this can help free us to share our faith in more public places.
Thus each evening has time for:
Prayer and reflection
Sharing in small groups
Exploring some of the key areas of spirituality
Ideas for taking things further
 The themes for the sessions:
Approaching spirituality
Journeying with God
Who am I?
God of grace
Called to become
Journeying on
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The course is published by Grove Books and is available for purchase as a book or as an eBook pdf file.

The resources for the course are available for download here.